GSM/GPRS communication module

The GSM LT-2 communication module makes it possible to use GSM paths to provide monitoring and messaging functions in alarm systems. It facilitates cooperation with SATEL and third-party control panels offering connectivity by means of control panel diallers or correctly configured outputs. The GSM LT-2 module makes it possible to implement monitoring as well as text and voice messaging functions. The CallerID retransmission function makes it possible to present the incoming caller’s number on telecommunication terminals equipped with this functionality.

  • simulation of analog telephone line over GSM network
  • 4 programmable inputs for triggering of messaging and/or GPRS reporting
  • telephone line monitoring conversion to GPRS transmission, compatible with any panel
  • CallerID forwarding to simulated telephone line (DTMF and FSK systems)
  • PAGER (DTMF) messaging conversion to SMS
  • support for CLIP test transmissions
  • SMS reception for central monitoring station
  • external modem functionality for INTEGRA panels
  • RS-232 port for module programming and modem functionality