OPU-4 PW is a robust, flush-mounted enclosure, made of white ABS plastic. Owing to its aesthetic appearance, the enclosure can be installed in conspicuous locations in usable space interiors. Its neutral design and ample size make it possible to install inside the enclosure SATEL’s control panels, their extension modules, communication modules, controllers and a large number of other devices. OPU-4 PW is provided with double tamper protection against opening the enclosure and tearing it off the wall.

The enclosure has enough space for installation of 40VA or 60VA network transformers, and can also accommodate a 7 Ah, 12 V backup battery. As it neither blocks nor attenuates the radio signal, wireless devices including their antennas can be installed inside the enclosure.

  • double tamper protection
  • possibility to install wireless devices with antennas inside
  • dimensions: 322 x 342 x 100 mm
  • space for 40 VA or 60 VA transformer
  • option to mount APS-412 power supply in place of transformer
  • flush mounting
  • compatibility:
    • alarm control panels manufactured by SATEL
    • expansion modules manufactured by SATEL
    • GSM communication modules manufactured by SATEL
    • ACCO door controllers with and without power supply
    • ACCO-NT access control panel